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Seaford College Crest-Branded Cuff Links

Gold coloured base with approx ½ inch across glazed-covered crest in vibrant school colours. A must for proud Old Seafordian double cuff shirt wearers and a worthy gift!

For UK delivery:
£12.00 + £3.50 P&P

For delivery in the EU:
£12.00 + £6.00 P&P

For delivery outside the EU:
£12.00 + £9.00 P&P



Seaford College Crest-Branded Cuff Links
Replica of Original Old Seafordians Tie

An exact replica of the original Old Seafordians tie has been produced in 100% silk and ties are now available to purchase, price £20 plus p&p.

The light blue diagonal stripes are edged with gold on a plain black background.

The ties are available to purchase here using PayPal or most credit and debit cards and are also available to buy from the school, if you happen to be visiting and can collect them in person.

For UK & EU delivery:
£20.00 + £2.00 P&P

  For delivery outside the EU:
£20.00 + £5.00 P&P



Exact replica of the original Old Seafordians tie
The Story of Seaford College paperback book by Joscelyn Johnson

A wonderful book cataloguing the story of Seaford College through the ages (now as a second edition available in paperback) written by Mrs Joscelyn Johnson. Wife of the school’s inspirational head, the late Charles Johnson, Joscelyn worked on the book for a number of years and the first copies rolled off the presses in August 2009. The book has been a great success. Sadly we said goodbye to Joscelyn in late 2014, see this link.

The story of Seaford begins in 1884 and her fascinating history of the College takes the school from its early days at Seaford in East Sussex, through the War years in Worthing, to its current home at Lavington Park some 125 years later.

All new and old Seafordians, staff and families will enjoy this story of a school that has been established with strong values at its core to which every individual can subscribe. Few people are fortunate to have such fond memories of their schooldays and comments on College life through the ages include things such as: “They were ‘salad days’ – great days – and my memories of them are filled with warmth” and “I wouldn’t have swapped my time with anyone.”

She points out that the strong values of its early days still continue under the leadership of the present headmaster John Green. “Seaford does not create a mould; it strives to develop the whole person giving each one the best foundation it can for the future. Many men and women have shaped Seaford’s progress and amongst these have been some great personalities,” she said. Compiled and edited by Joscelyn, the story of Seaford is coloured by a mosaic of memories taken from old school magazines, individuals’ memories and a great deal of other research.

Joscelyn joined the school’s academic staff at its wartime home in Worthing and it was from there that she married Charles Johnson who was to be headmaster for over 46 years.

For UK delivery:
£12.50 + £5.50 P&P

For delivery in the EU:
£12.50 + £9.50 P&P

For delivery outside the EU:
£12.50 + £11.50 P&P by ship (slow freight)



The History of Seaford College by Joscelyn Johnson